Strategy for achieving the mission and vision

FECE is committed to providing quality education to new generations of experts in the areas of electrical and computer engineering who will be the drivers of economic development of the country, through:

  • the provision of fundamental quality education and adequate skills to individuals in order to support the dynamic developments in modern technologies
  • research in the field of engineering on national level to ensure technical and technological progress of Kosova
  • the development of fundamental and applicable knowledge in the field of electrical and computer engineering
  • the provision of a wide variety of study programs which will help develop creativity, and necessary skills and competences among students to meet the requirements of contemporary technologies
  • the provision of opportunities for our alumni to work in areas where management skills, team work, decision making and problem-solving skills are required
  • being a catalyst of industrial development in Kosovo.

The strategic orientation of FECE is to enhance its own overall performance, in teaching and research, through the implementation of reforms in the study structure, the content of study programmes as well as in teaching methods, research and skills attainment. FECE shall reach this strategic orientation:

  • through implementation of courses with up to date contents, comparable with programs in universities of developed countries;
  • with flexible programs which will easily follow the rapid developments in modern technologies and the requirements of industry and economy;
  • by establishing a strong connection between industry and the FECE activities to ensure appropriate environment for mutual cooperation and support;
  • through capacity building with people educated in universities abroad, who will bring new experiences and practices;
  • by setting up modern laboratories, which would meet the needs of students to gain practical skills, as well as the requirements for research and scientific activity.

Strategic objectives of FECE are to:

  • Achieve a sustainable position as an exemplary centre of higher education and scientific and engineering research in Kosovo and the region;
  • Achieve quality assurance and fulfilment of academic standards, in order to gain accreditation for all study programs of the first cycle (Bachelor), second cycle (Master) and third cycle (Doctorate) that will be offered by FECE.
  • Support the development and empowerment of all departments with relevant study and research profiles.
  • Activate doctoral studies for the qualification of new staff at FECE , offering doctoral students conditions for research and scientific research, in order to complete the doctoral work within the deadline, in accordance with applicable law.
  • Empower laboratories in Doctoral studies through application in projects, specifically laboratory infrastructure projects for relevant fields of study.
  • Encourage participation of staff in conferences and workshops, financially supported by MEST funds, UP Steering Council and donors (friends of FECE -UP) to enable further scientific development.
  • Offer support for teaching excellence in the Bachelor and Master study programs, with the primary purpose of preparing the graduates of its Master of Science programmes for competent research work; further contributing to scientific and technological progress; as well as to creating a highly professional leadership class.
  • Through the Master study programme aim to enhance the students’ individual research and scientific knowledge. This will be reinforced particularly during the preparation of the master thesis, which will serve to advance their scientific, but also practical and technical understanding of the contemporary technologies in their respective areas of study.
  • Obtain financial support for joint projects with EU universities, within EU-funded programmes; to advance cooperation with relevant international organizations that support UP and FECE, as well as exploit other opportunities to visit advanced laboratories abroad, also through MEST provided funds for research and development.
  • Support the improvement of conditions and infrastructure of FECE facilities, especially for students, but also for academic and administrative staff. The primary goal will be to improve the conditions in teaching environments with modern technological and professional tools. Efforts to expand spaces within FECE, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities for students and staff, seeking support from relevant authorities.
  • Increase efforts to extend practical training of students in all three cycles of study not only in the facilities within FECE , but also abroad, in close contact with Software development companies, energy companies / corporations, telecommunications companies, ISPs, companies that provide Electronic, automated and robotic services that provide collaboration opportunities for all FECEcampaigns.
  • Cooperate for the development of professional practice (internship) in the highest quality and with mutual benefit for students.
  • Closely cooperate for the development of theses projects and their mentoring, supporting the teaching process for joint research projects, but also improving the teaching conditions at FECE .
  • Improve and demand for increasing the quality of work in the administration of FECE.
  • Advance the digitalization process of teaching services and finances, that has already started during the previous period; the digitalization of all processes and their respective activities.
  • Enrich the Library with books titles, magazines, or even online subscriptions, to further expand information sources for students and staff, striving to be always up to date with new achievements in the fields of study on offer in FECE .
  • Ensure fast, comprehensive and accurate information dissemination for students, staff and all other stakeholders.
  • Improve the information flow to FECE students, especially regarding the teaching process, and ensure timely and qualitative clarification is provided to other stakeholders. In particular, timely and qualitative information to be provided regarding course schedule, registration process, examination process, internship opportunities, thesis defense, and other publishing, teaching and research activity that takes place.
  • Ensure a sustainable position as an exemplary center of higher education and scientific and engineering research in Kosovo and the region.
  • Educate highly qualified graduates who can meet the challenges of the global economy for the local, regional and international labor market.
  • Contribute to the development of society by providing ongoing training and learning programs to advance knowledge and experience.
  • Attract high potential students from high schools.
  • Foster opportunities for cooperation with domestic and international institutions of higher education as well as in engineering research.
  • Advance and strengthen the role of the Industrial Advisory Board, representing the industry sector in Kosovo, that serves as a bridge between university education, student internships, industry sector and labor market demands.
  • Develop a new master study program which will be offered in English.
  • Ensure participation in European funds dedicated to higher education is ensured, such as: Cost Action, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, etc.
  • Develop joint doctoral studies with international partners.
  • Increase human capacity and infrastructure in order to meet the requirements and implement the objectives of local, regional and European research space.
  • Strength the links of scientific research and development with industrial organizations in the country and beyond.
  • Establish a competitive workforce that will stimulate investment in Kosovo.
  • Improve students' knowledge and mastery and stimulate critical thinking, by transitioning to new Teaching methodologies and formative testing system (eg competency-based, active / applied, etc.) )
  • Improve and update study programs (in line with the Bologna Declaration and the European Higher Education Area)
  • Support research-based learning, by improving facilities and virtual environments for FECEstudents
  • Increase the number of opportunities for FECE staff and students to travel, create global networks and increase their productivity.
  • Support innovations and protect the intellectual property of FECE teaching staff
  • Increase the level of university literature publications per student
  • Establish strategic partnerships with internationally renowned institutions
  • Increase the potential of alumni (graduates) for further development of FECE
  • Conduct market analysis to identify which programs are relevant to market needs and increase the number of labor market partners
  • Increase the number of students involved in all quality assurance processes at FECE
  • Ensure utilization of UP infrastructure to implement the mission and vision of FECE .
  • Train academic staff to write proposals and apply for international projects.

In order to fulfill these goals we will be working on forming a relationship with local industry, with the aim of developing a contemporary study program in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering, a program that will reflect the latest achievements in this field and which will meet the needs of industry in Kosovo and in the  Balkan region.

To achieve the strategic goals in the function of the principal objective, FECE needs to:

  • Provide laboratories and laboratory equipment that will complement teaching and learning in the classroom;
  • Ensure education for our new academic staff in the country and abroad;
  • Provide the necessary funds for the operation of FECE institute for scientific research and engineering;
  • Ensure teaching from visiting professors from partner universities which will bring their experience and expertise to the students and our academic staff;
  • Provide sufficient funds to motivate academic staff for more devoted work on teaching and research;
  • Provide quality services to our students with the implementation of modern technologies in all student services;
  • Set up a modern library that meets the demands and needs of academic staff and students;
  • Provide Internet access to all students in FECE facilities, and
  • Encourage the use of modern technologies in teaching